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** For requests for sizes, type of paper, colors of printing, finishing processes and handles different from  the ones listed in the form, as well as for more than one size, please fill in the additional information field.

Please, provide the sizes in the following sequence:

Width + Gusset х Height

Size: 40+12х32cm
Paper: 120g White Plain Kraft
Printing: without offset printing
Finishes: silver hot foil stamping (12х13cm), identical faces
Handles: rope, standard length
Quantity: 500 pcs. / 1000 pcs.
Possibilities for worldwide delivery upon request.
If possible, please attach artwork or image for better visualization of the project.


Please, fill in and send us the tamplate and we will answer as soon as possible. Sending us strictly formed request is a guarantee for receiving the correct price.
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