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The Art of Paper Bag Production

The promotional paper bag is a status symbol, a collectible and a work of art.

In all forms of manifestation, it signals exclusivity.

As for its application, an almost unlimited palette of opportunities opens up, suitable for different purposes.

Each shopping house and each boutique, each store for sporting goods, toys, computers and textile, no matter the country, has its own promotional bags.

Some of them are classic and elegant, others are an unique form of art and they all carry a message that varies from sophistication and class, to simplicity and practicality.

They give to any event, shop or organization that visual identity that makes them distinguishable in a crowd on the street or in the business atmosphere of an office.

They come when the inevitable need to present a concept or institution in a "different", unconventional way.

They come when the higher art of advertising design meets the practical idea of moving something from one place to another.

The promotional paper bags coming as a result of our conscious ecological behavior.



Luxury Paper Bags

Luxury paper bags - laminated

An excellent solution which demonstrates sophistication and high class. It provides an additional image to the product and reinforces the message. These luxury paper bags   >>>


Carrier Paper Bags in Stock

Хартиени торби на склад

An excellent universal solution when small quantities are needed for a short time. In one color printed these carrier paper bags   >>>

Promotional Paper Bags Production - A variety of papers, printing and finishing processes, color ropes and handles, custom sizes and design.


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Claryx Belt Grinder

Claryx Belt Grinders

Claryx Belt Grinder - The NEW definition of precision. The belt grinding machine has been designed and built based on three guiding principles – simplicity, stability and versatility. It can be used widely in crafts, hobby activities and by the companies processing of metals and other materials. Made of steel and aluminium with bolted construction without welds, this machine achieves maximum accuracy and precision and assumes operation without unexpected failures for years.  >>>


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