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About Us - The Bulgarian Manufacturer of Promotional Paper Bags

29+ years of experience in the paper bags production

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The qualities which characterize the company in its market and business activity


Many years of experience in the paper bag production, a considerable share of loyal customers. Founded in 1996, Claryx EOOD has established strong positions on the Bulgarian and European market.


Effective expert and managerial decisions, applied for local and international business processes. The closed production process and the competencies built in each stage provide competitive advantages for our products.


Responsible and loyal attitude to our clients and partners.


Motivated staff and low fluctuation of the workforce.


Creativity, accompanied by innovative decisions regarding the order, the process, and the product. The requirements, the advantages and the satisfaction of the client define the performance of the company.

Our objective is to meet our clients' requirements with quality products and services, supporting the development of their business.

The development of new technology opens new horizons to the specific production of promotional paper bags. With the use of new materials, unconventional forms and approaches, Claryx Ltd. has improved to meet new challenges that the future brings, and it keeps expanding its production capacities and increasing its expertise.

What Our Customers Say About Us:

Paper bags Claryx

"I have known the work of Claryx EOOD for over 10 years and for all this period I have not had any complaints about the quality of their products, pricing policy at always precisely agreed deadlines. I have always relied and will continue to rely on the professional advice of the team, whose dedication to the work I respect."

- /Yonko Atanasov, ABC Communication/ -

Paper bags Claryx

"As a long-standing customer of Claryx EOOD, I would recommend the team as a very good professional and reliable partner for the production of advertising bags. All our orders are executed qualitatively and on time and a solution to the most difficult situations is always found, if necessary."

- /Emil Hristov, HRIMA CO OOD/ -

Paper bags Claryx

"We have been used Claryx EOOD services for many years. We are very satisfied with the quality of the products, the good attitude of the company's staff and compliance with the negotiated deadlines. We hope to continue working with them in the future. I wish the company success in future."

- /Ani Rangelova, Vivati OOD/ -

Paper bags Claryx

"The pleasure is mine to express my exceptional impressions of Claryx EOOD and to recommend the work of the team, guided by the presumption of a high level of professionalism, speed, accuracy and precision. After researching many companies producing paper bags nationwide to work with, we focused on Claryx EOOD attracted by creative thought, innovation and modern offerings."

- /Lyudmila Paskaleva, PETITE FLEUR EOOD/ -

Paper bags Claryx

"With this recommendation we express our gratitude to the team of Claryx EOOD. for the professionalism and skills to work with specific requirements. Midalidare Estate is a company specialized in wine production, also constantly developing in the field of tourism, agriculture and aquaculture. We have always received extremely professional and competent assistance in our joint work. Claryx EOOD deserves the trust of its future customers."

- /Alexander Alexiev, Midalidare Estate EOOD/ -

Paper bags Claryx

"I would like to express my satisfaction of demonstrated professionalism and perfectly performed work on all our orders made by Claryx EOOD I would like to give confidence to anyone interested in partnership with Claryx and recommend the precision in the manufacture and high quality of advertising bags, manufactured by the company."

- /Borislav Popov, Bulgarian Football Union/ -

Paper bags Claryx

"Claryx EOOD is our long-standing partner in various projects. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of our custom-made advertising paper bags in short terms."

- /Joanna Ikonomova, Party Partners OOD/ -

Paper bags Claryx

"Claryx EOOD turned out to be a very good choice of a partner for the production of advertising paper bags. Fast, correct and of perfect quality. Working with them is extremely easy. We recommend them!"

- /Tanya Gachevska, TSD Services OOD / -

Paper bags Claryx

"Claryx EOOD has been our partner for more than 10 years. I would like to thank the whole team for the professionalism they work with. The products are always of high quality and the deadlines are always correct."

- /Albena Dimitrova, RK Factor EOOD/ -

Paper bags Claryx

"Our partnership with Claryx EOOD has shown us creativity and professionalism, with a guarantee for timely and quality implementation of the products and services offered."

- /Galya Afuzova, Wine Cellar Afuzov/ -

Paper bags Claryx

"With the present reference we would kindly like to express our satisfaction of the kind servicing and assistance from the employees of the company."

- /Antoaneta Peteva, DTL TRADE OOD/ -

Paper bags Claryx

"Claryx EOOD is our long-standing partner. We use the services of the company to make promotional company bags. Claryx has always handled quality and on time with the orders."

- /Antoaneta Danailova, MDL EOOD/ -

Paper bags Claryx

"We express our satisfaction with the perfect done work by Claryx EOOD on all orders assigned by us. I recommend as a correct company with a clear vision for the future and attitude to its customers."

- /Dragomir Draganov, Sportfive Bulgaria/ -

Paper bags Claryx

"We have been using the services of Claryx EOOD for almost three years and we have always been satisfied with their professionalism, competence, deadlines, offered materials and quality of production. With this reference we want to express our special satisfaction with our work together."

- /Elena Vasileva, Diplomat Corporation OOD/ -

Paper bags Claryx

"Our reference is to express our satisfaction with the cooperation with Claryx EOOD We always receive modern and constructive solutions in a short term. We recommend Claryx as a fair partner with a professional staff striving for maximum customer satisfaction."

- /Dafina Manukyan, Daphne EOOD/ -

Paper bags Claryx

"We would like to express our satisfaction of our work with Claryx EOOD We order our advertising paper bags more than five years. In the process of their elaboration, the company shows professionalism, speed and precision. We have never had any remarks regarding the quality of materials or printing of the bags. The company has always complied with our requirements, tasks and deadlines that we have set them. We thank the entire team of Claryx for the good cooperation, patience and professionalism and sincerely recommend them as a correct and reliable partner of any company that needs quality, beautiful and reliable promotional bags."

- /Iliya Dimov, Dims-92 EOOD/ -

Paper bags Claryx

"After a thorough search for a manufacturer of paper bags and a recommendation from our partners, we trusted Claryx EOOD They produce our promotional bags with extremely high-quality printing and workmanship for several years. We feel calm in ordering because we know that no surprises will occur. Every time they demonstrate a high level of professionalism, correctness, speed and precision, combined with customer care and friendliness. With this recommendation we want to express our satisfaction with our work together."

- /N.Nesheva, B-Power AD/ -

Paper bags Claryx

"We express our exceptional satisfaction by the joint work with Claryx EOOD. The reason for excellent assessment is the quality and deadlines of their products. The high professionalism of the employees and their commitment to the client's requirements are impressive. Issues are resolved promptly, qualitatively, competently and in short terms. Our successful 20 years partnership with Claryx makes us to give a very high rating for the quality of service, the professionalism, creativity and responsiveness of the company's team. SCE-S ЕOOD highly recommends the Bulgarian manufacturer Claryx as an extremely correct partner with rich experience in the realization and production of promotional paper bags."

- /Svetla Mancheva, SCE-S ЕOOD/ -